Professional Web Development Course - Uttara Dhaka Bangladesh

Professional Web Development Course - Uttara Dhaka Bangladesh
Professional Web Developent Course

Website development is a work by which using programming language (php, javascript, jquery, ajax etc.) any statistic website turn into the most complex, dynamic, web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. By learning this valuable programming course, anybody can develop dynamic, custom CMS or e-commerce site easily.

PHP: Introduction to Server Side Scripting language, What is PHP?, Basic syntax, Data Types, Operators, Conditional Statements, Loops, Array, String, Function, HTML forms and PHP: Get method, Post method.

MySQL: MySQL, Database Tables, Data types, SQL Statements, MySQL CREATE, INSERT Statement, Update Statement, Delete Statement, Query, ORDER BY & GROUP BY, HAVING Clause, LIKE Operator, Advanced Query: SQL JOIN, Basic sub queries, Complex sub-queries, Set operations, Creating and working with Views, Indexes, Sequence, Synonyms.

JQuery: Introduction to JavaScript, Embedding JavaScript into an HTML page, Handle Simple Browsers, JavaScript Statements, Comments, Variables and Operators, Comparison and Logical Operators, Control Structure, Basic Input Output: JavaScript Popup Boxes, Functions, Loop, Array, Events, String Object, Date Object, Cookies, Browser Detection.

Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, XMLHttpRequest object, Browser support, AJAX - Sending a request to a server.

Web Development Course Include:

  • PHP Language In Details.
  • MySQL Language In Details.
  • JQuery / Javascript library In Details.
  • Ajax Intigration.
  • One Dynamic CMS Completion In Class.
  • Course Duration 3 hours.
  • Class Duration 2 months.
  • 2 Classes in a weeek.

Course Fee:TK.15500/-